"Cal é Valentin" estreouse no mes de xuño do 2009 na casa da Cultura do Milladoiro. E unha adaptación de Monica Camaño de Textos de karl valentin e de ahi o título da obra. O abusrdo está presente en cada unha das esceas pero non deixa de ser o absurdo que atopamos cada día na rua.

O autor:

Karl Valentin (pronounced Falenteen) came from a reasonably well-off middle-class family; his father had a partnership in a furniture-transport business. He began his career as a carpenter's apprentice (which proved useful in the construction of his sets and props later in life). In 1902 he began his comic career, enrolling for three months at a variety school in Munich, under the guidance of Hermann Strebel. His first job as a performer was at the Zeughaus in Nüremberg. A three-year break followed, in the wake of his father's death, during which time he constructed his own twenty-piece one-man band (with which he eventually toured in 1906).[2]

Soon Valentin was performing regularly in the cabarets and beerhalls of Munich. He developed a reputation for writing and performing short comic routines, performed in a strong Bavarian dialect, usually with his partner, Liesl Karlstadt. Valentin also made numerous films, both silent and with audio;[3] but it was as a stage performer in cabarets and beerhalls that Valentin built a reputation as one of the leading comic performers in Germany during the Weimar Republic.[4] (from wikipedia)